About Me

Inga Kuzminskas

Inga Kuzminskas REALTOR®

My passion has always been working with other people to help them fulfil their needs and

dreams, and I believe that working in real estate is a great way to do that! I know that 

selecting and buying a property is one of the most important, expensive and stressful financial

decision impacts their lives.

I love working with people, and I understand how varied people’s needs are. I migrated from

Lithuania, and I am fluent in several languages, including Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and

English. I understand how diversity and cultural backgrounds factor into a client’s specific 

needs, and I want to help my clients find the best place to fit their lifestyle. I am  

Committed to serving them and want to build a long-term relationship with my clients.

Personally, I am devoted to my family and love expressing myself through art. Spreading 

happiness is what I like to do. I believe in being true to yourself and living authentically,

and I want to serve others’ unique needs by helping them find the right homes. I am the 

professional you deserve to find the right property for you. Let’s build a relationship working